Is it harmful to be charging your Phone overnight?

Your phone is smart enough to not take damage by overcharging, but there’s still an issue. Charging a phone causes heat, which — along with cold — can damage a lithium battery. Prolonged periods of elevated heat will degrade a battery faster

If you keep your phone’s battery somewhere between a 40 and 80 percent charge, you should be able to get more life out of it in the long run. This doesn’t exactly work for those who like to charge overnight, but it’s certainly an option for those who get in a quick charge here and there over the course of a day.

Batteries are in a constant state of degradation, and you can expect to get about 400 charge cycles before you notice a serious hit to performance. In another chart from Battery University, we can see that lowering the maximum charge can give a battery more cycles, but will ultimately lower its maximum threshold for stored energy.

Before now, I was thinking that phones have protective integrated circuit that’s responsible for overcharging and all related charging issues and that’s true. Overcharging of phones or charging phones overnight is not bad but it’s a cheapest way of killing the phone components… I mean the power ICs. when the ICs are heated up major problem can sit up as soon as possible.

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